Great Falls at Work

$ 29.95

See Deaconess Hospital's horse-drawn ambulance ready to gallop to an emergency. Look at a streetcar driver poised to greet passengers. Watch a mobile effort to secure World War I contributions. See pilots train for the Berlin Airlift in 1948. Remarkable photographs from the 1880s to 1960s show a progression as the horse gives way to the stram engine, the car and finally the jet. A blue-collar work force on Smelter Hill, railroad cres, bankers, salesmen, nurses, librarians and mechanics all make their mark on the Electric City. Great Falls Select beer is brewed by a Milwaukee-trained brew master, the Coca Cola bottling plant goes mechanized and Columbus Hospital Nursing School graduates get their caps in pictures from the Great Falls area's first nine decades. In the thrid book in the "Great Falls Memories" series, rare photos are drawn from the History Museum, Great Falls Tribune archives and the collections of dozens of people in the community.

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